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Walker Lane.

Making a positive difference to the lives of our clients through quality financial advice.

Who We Are

Our Profile

Walker Lane is a boutique Financial Advisory and investment management firm, built by professional financial advisers to deliver high quality financial advice to clients. We are owned by advisers and staff only.


We strive to partner with high-quality advisers to build successful advice businesses through the provision of quality tailored services and support, financial products and education to enhance the overall experience of all involved.

We offer diversified managed account solutions, suited to different investor risk profiles, with a strong focus on wealth preservation.

Our Focus

At Walker Lane, we always act in the best interests of our clients. We do our own research, build our own systems and think for ourselves to deliver investment insights that add value for our clients.

We exist to make a positive difference to our adviser's and client's lives.

Who We Are


How We Can
Help You

A Walker Lane Financial Adviser can work with you to help you understand and articulate your needs and personal priorities, plus the effects your financial decisions can have on your ability to achieve your life goals.

Your Financial


Our team of professional Financial Advisers can provide you with a complete set of financial solutions and investment recommendations to better ensure your financial security. Our approach remains consultative at all times, with the end goal of setting you on the path towards financial well-being.

Client Focus

The True Value of Advice

We believe that the true value of advice goes beyond a simple product recommendation; it comes from working with you on your personal goals (both short and long term) and assisting you to work through some of the competing complexities that life can throw at you.

A Tailored Approach

There is no "one size fits all" advice solution. Regardless of where you are in life, there is little doubt that the right advice can make a real difference, setting you down the path of future financial prosperity and security. Our financial advisers work closely with you to provide a financial plan that is tailored specifically to your needs.

Financial Advice That Endures

Your life changes, so should your financial plan. At Walker Lane, our advisers focus on helping you grow your wealth as your career develops, protect your investments in retirement and leave a legacy for the people and causes close to your heart.


Built By Advisers, For Advisers

Walker Lane is an Australian Financial Services Licencee (AFSL) that was built by Financial Advisers who wanted to provide a professional AFSL service with other like-minded professionals.

We believe in the power of community. That’s why it's important to us that we partner with the right business and advice leaders who are culturally aligned, share similar values, and believe great advice changes lives. 

Better Business Processes

Our partnering advisers can benefit from a reliable, high-quality investment process and managed account solution, allowing you to operate more competitively whilst experiencing less time pressure. Our AFSL was built to ensure advisers can access the support of a professional and experienced management, professional standards and compliance team.

A Sense of Community 

At Walker Lane, we have a strong sense of community and foster this by running a range of events throughout the year for our Advisers. 

Events include Investment MasterClasses to assist in professional development, an annual conference, social events, as well as weekly online catch-up meetings with Walker Lane Management.

Investment Solutions

Our approved product list is extensive, containing many major retail insurance providers and mainstream wrap administration platforms. Advisers are able to develop the strategies and use the products that you believe delivers the best possible outcome for your clients.

Walker Lane have a number of Managed Accounts which are available on various platforms.

Investment Beliefs

At Walker Lane you’ll find a community of Financial Advisers that sticks to a simple, high quality investment philosophy.

We do our own research on all aspects of the portfolio management process, plus bring in specialists where required.


We don’t compromise on outcomes, and always act in our clients’ best interests.


Investment Proposition

As THE managed account specialists, we currently run a suite of managed accounts to fit different investor risk profiles including:

  -  Dynamic Asset Allocation (DAA) Portfolios

  -  Strategic Asset Allocation (SAA) Portfolios

  -  ESG Portfolios (coming soon)


Best Interests Duty and 

We are experts in this space – we know how to keep you safe and where danger sits in relation to your core legal obligations, plus specific regulations related to personal financial advice.


Adviser Benefits

Our Offer

Do It Yourself (DIY)

The DIY option is the traditional Corporate Authorised Representative model. 

This option requires a minimum of $500k practice revenue and your practice must be based in Sydney, Melbourne or Brisbane CBD only.

Do It For Me (DIFM)*

With the DIFM option, Walker Lane runs your entire back office in alignment with our 'Design Effective' compliance framework.

We do it for you, whilst keeping you safe and allowing you to focus on what you do best - spending time with clients.

Your practice can be based anywhere in Australia and will typically have under $500k of revenue.

Our Offer

*Do It For Me - Inclusions


  • Fact Find: data entry of client’s details into Xplan to create the fact find/client data form (CDF)

  • Super and Investment: Creation of the Wealth Solver scenario including existing vs recommended product research, asset allocation and fees

  • Personal Insurance: Creation of Risk Researcher scenario including the insurance needs analysis, quoting and research across all available insurers

  • Financial Projections/Modelling: producing financial projections in Xtools, including impact of insurance premiums on super balance

  • Like for like insurance comparison between existing and recommended insurer.

Statement of Advice Generation & Compliance

  • We will write the statement of advice, ready for presentation to your clients


  • The SOA will be produced to comply with your legal obligations and the Walker Lane licensee standards.


  • Generation and submission of product applications for your clients


  • Communicating and following up outstanding requirements such as medical tests and financial requirements


  • Processing superannuation rollovers and investing the funds in line with the recommendations


  • Processing ATO forms, plus “choice of super fund’ documents for the client’s future employer super contributions.


  • Preparation of review packs for annual client reviews


Josh Cratchley_03.jpg

Joshua Cratchley

Chief Financial Officer


Joshua Cratchley has been advising clients in financial services for the better part of two decades. Previously an Accountant, Josh became a financial adviser in 2010 and started Plenary Wealth in 2013.


In mid-2018 Josh helped establish Walker Lane and has been acting as the Chief Financial Officer whilst continuing to advise clients at Plenary Wealth.

Pat Casey_06.jpg

Patrick Casey



Pat Casey has extensive experience working within Australian Financial Services Licensees across multiple channels, having previously held executive roles within the wealth management and financial planning divisions of Colonial First State and the Suncorp Group.

Based on his extensive industry experience, Pat has a strong understanding of operating an AFSL. Currently, Pat is the owner and Managing Director of Assure Wealth.

Sam Carroll_04.jpg

Sam Carroll

Responsible Manager


Sam Carroll has over 15 years of experience working in a family-founded financial planning practice of 24 years. He has first-hand experience in the considerations and challenges of succession planning in financial planning businesses having fully succeeded his father in 2019.


Sam is a Responsible Manager on the Walker Lane license and where he passionately works to grow the Walker Lane family of successful advice businesses.

Our Team
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Our Address

3 Spring Street

Sydney NSW 2000

Our Phone No.

02 9135 2935

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